#RIPTheBritneySpearsFoundation 2001 – 2011 .

A federal tax filings from 2011 showed that her conservators only left $17 to Britney Spears foundation. In December 2011 James Spears and Andrew Wallet as her conservators sent $50,000 to Mercy Ministries of Nashville and $42,000 to Cri Help in California.

Mercy Minisitries a nonprofit Christian organization supported by Lou M Taylor and for which her husband serve as a pastor in the Calvary Chapel of Brentwood . What a coincidence…

Mercy Ministries is a Nashville, Tennessee based group which was accused of misrepresenting their counseling and recovery services to young women in Australia in 2008. The misrepresentation in Australia was two-fold. First, they claimed their services were free but had the girls sign over their government checks. Second, the ministry claimed to be using licensed therapists and professional counseling methods.  In 2009, Mercy admitted their guilt in misrepresentation on both counts and paid back $120,000 of government aid it had wrongly taken from the girls who attended—in Australia. Although the media attention reached the United States, the founding group (based in Nashville, TN) was never investigated further. Instead Nancy Alcorn, the founder of Mercy Ministries took the investigation as a sign from God that the group was under “spiritual attack” and took fundraising efforts into high-gear.