Once upon a time not so long ago before we came to life there was loumtaylor.com “Your #1 source for the gay demon exorcist” an amazing and fun website .

For Britney Spears’ team this website had to be taken down, at any cost as quickly as possible . So they hired a private investigator, named Jacob C. Schmidt and rumor has it that it’s not the first name that hire him . Probably feeling strong with his licence and his company named C.I.A for Clandestine Investigation Association he worked his magic to find how to contact Bryan who they think his the owner of the website, he will first text and then email him and to try to win Bryan’s trust he will impersonate Sam Lutfi against who James Spears, Britney’s conservator just filed again a restraining order. Two days later Bryan receives an email from a law firm including a cease and desist about loumtaylor.com. Thinking it can’t be no coincidence Bryan’s go back to the emails he exchanged with the said to be Sam Lutfi, looking at the raw email data he found the email ” hired2spy@gmail.com ” that he was later able to link to Jacob C. Schmidt . Jacob’s website was strangely down couple of hours after this story was shared on twitter .

It seems like it unclear who hired Jacob and the law firm , is this Lou herself ? or this Jamie Spears who was dying to prove that Sam Lutfi was also part if not the founder of loumtaylor.com before the court hearing. Maybe it was both and they even split the charges so it didn’t have to only come from Britney’s estate for once?

They ask for a restraining order against Sam Lutfi but really don’t mind impersonating him…

The whole scenario is detailed by Bryan on his twitter and you can read it there : https://twitter.com/bkstyl3/status/1144463551559434240