Britney’s former publicist/spokesperson, Lou M. Taylor of Tri Star Sports & Entertainment in Tennessee, is working with Lindsay Lohan since her jail sentence, according to A source says:

“Lou totally brainwashed Jamie. She convinced him a conservatorship was the only way to go and of course he went along with it when he heard about the financial control it would give him. But Lou didn’t have Jamie in mind as the conservator at the beginning. She considered suggesting Larry Rudolph, but she was afraid he would abuse the power. With Jamie, Lou thought she would have someone who was naive enough that she could continue to influence him and, therefore, continue to have a direct influence on Britney’s life and career for years to come.”

After Lindsay Lohan was jailed in August 2010, Lou M Taylor posted Lindsay’s $10,000 bond through wire transfer. It was after this that Lindsay was seen with, you guessed it… Adam Leber & Larry Rudolph, Britney’s current managers.

“[…]The problem is, neither Dina nor Michael would ever be granted a conservatorship by a judge so Lou went searching for someone else to fill that role: someone with whom she could partner in a business sense, someone she trusts. This time she thinks Larry Rudolph may be the answer. Lou now realizes choosing Brit’s dad as conservator may not have been the best idea. He got power hungry and decided he didn’t need Lou anymore. So this time, Lou thinks Larry might be willing to work her way on this and be a figurehead in Lindsay’s career while Lou works behind-the-scenes.”

Michael Lohan Says Team Britney is Trying to Put Lindsay Under a Conservatorship 

“I’ve learned of a plot to put Lindsay under a conservatorship, […], it’s disturbing… the co-conservators would be Dina and Lindsay’s business manager, Lou Taylor.”

Lou and Dina are trying to throw Lindsay in a rehab right now and get her out of the picture so they can get a conservatorship without her knowing,” Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, told

“They would control literally everything Lindsay does, what projects she has coming up, her finances and the people she sees-and that includes keeping me out of her life.”

“I hope Lindsay hears this and realizes what they’re trying to do.”

“A lot of the controversy in Lindsay’s life wouldn’t be there if Lou Taylor and Larry Rudolph weren’t part of the equation.”

“They are both one-hit wonders with Britney Spears, and they are not going to do the same to my daughter.”