Britney, her father Jamie Spears, and Lou M. Taylor are named in a $10-million lawsuit with Brand Sense, LLC.

“In the sensational suit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Britney and her father Jamie are accused of being “sneaky and underhanded” in their clandestine moves to cut Brand Sense Partner, LLC., out of a licensing agreement.”

“Defendants ‘Tri-Star Sports & Entertainment Group, Inc.’ (Tri-Star) and its principal, Lou M Taylor, who are referred to as representatives of Britney in the January 1, 2010 Elizabeth Arden agreement, knew of the existence of the contracts between Brand Sense and Britney, and intentionally acted to interfere with & disrupt those agreements. They induced Defendants into entering into the “new” Elizabeth Arden agreement, thereby causing Defendants to breach their contractual obligations to Brand Sense.
By their ‘new’ agreement, Defendants circumvented and repudiated the very agreement they had affirmed and represented to Brand Sense to be in effect. Defendants’ scheme was to induce Brand Sense to step out of the accounting/payment process, so they could covertly enter into, and get paid under, a ‘new’ agreement with Elizabeth Arden; and Brand Sense would not know the difference.”