DailyMail published an article claiming that Lou M Taylor was suing Bryan Kuchar over website loumtaylor.com “Your #1 source for the gay demon exorcist” but also over this website loumtaylor.net “Your 2nd source for the gay demon exorcist“. We would like to state and clear this for you Lou and anyone else , Bryan Kuchar does not own the webdomain loumtaylor.net, he never did and was never involved with it at any time . On June 27th, 2019 Bryan published on his twitter (@bkstyl3) a thread you can read by clicking here detailing Lou M Taylor methods to make him shut down the website, hiring a private investigator to get in touch with him while impersonating Sam Lutfi , having her lawyers harrassing him by emails to shut the website down and hand over the webdomain . Clearly to us those methods were unfair and a clear sign of a desire to silence anyone who would dare to oppose Britney’s team about the conservatorship that is now under an investigation ordered by the court. Hiring a private investigator, to impersonate someone that Britney’s team (that Lou M Taylor as her business manager is part of) took to the court to ask for a restraining order, and then have your lawyer harrassing continuously a fan even after he took down the website, was too much for a webdomain that was just a recap of articles and informations already published and available on the internet anyway.

We would like to ask Lou why didn’t she sue Sam Lutfi if those emails, painting her as a stalker sending pink hats to Britney Spears home and that she was trying to get to perform an exorcism on Britney because she believed she was under demonic possession by a gay demon were fakes .

One thing is clear, Lou M Taylor just like Jamie Spears have been really selective on who they choose to sue and who they don’t . We are still wondering why you never sued Coutrney Love when she alleged that Jamie Spears molested his daughter Britney Spears when she was young. You never sued Sam Lutfi after accusing him of drugging her and so on , where is that lawsuit against Michael Sands and Jon Eardlay when they accused you of stealing money from Britney ? But they sure always here to sue a fan or two who is behind any dollars they have in their pockets if they dare to raise their voices over the conservatorship and the violations of Britney Spears rights for now 11 years .