The video posted 4 years ago on vimeo has resurfaced among the #FreeBritney movement . On this video you can see James Spears who is Britney’s conservator and supposed to make the right decisions for her making a terrible one when he decided to drive after having a round drinks…

On an alleged leaked email from July 2007 written by Britney Spears, Britney ask her lawyer to protect her against Lou Taylor and says “and now she is saying she is going to visit my DRUNK f**** FATHER” in Kentwood”

James Spears had subjected his family to years of “verbal abuse, erratic behaviors and abondonment” due to his heavy drinking wrote Britney Spears’ mother, Lynne, in her book “Through the Storm” published in 2008 .

When he filed a motion in court to take away Britney Spears’ civil rights and estate also called conservatorship while she was in hospital, it was said that he has been to rehab and have been sober for years . We wonder if the judge made sure it was true ? Did she even bother to ask ?

We were already skepticals that after causing so much traumas to Britney Spears during her childhood, being estranged for years and her clearly stating that appointing him as her conservator was “causing her more stress” was a brilliant idea, but the thought of having an ex alcoholic conservator claiming he has been still having rounds at the bar and then driving only make us even more skepticals about his conservator and decision make skills .