Lou Taylor took it to her instagram to share her feelings and says she’s had enough. She is tired of people perpuating lies, accusing her of hating the LGBTQ community only because she has shown on multiple occasions her support for an homophobe organization called Mercy Minisitries who is rumored to practice exorcism on lesbian girls to “cure” them from this disease, and only because her husband serves as Pastor for this organization at the Calvary Chapel of Brentwood. Nothing about the alleged emails who paint her as a woman who stalked Britney Spears and terriffied her, nothing about her trying to apply that exorcism of Britney Spears and kill those spirits who possessed her, nothing either about the articles painting as the mastermind behind Britney Spears’ conservatorship ect…. Nothing that’s what this post is really about .

Lou Taylor with her husband, Nikki Taylor and Nancy Alcorn founder of Mercy Minisitries

Lou Taylor showing some support to the Mercy Ministries

The Truth About Mercy Ministries of America