Along with alleged emails from Britney Spears to and about Lou Taylor, text messaged from October 2008 have leaked too.

In those texts messages when asked about Lou Taylor, Britney Spears allegedly replied “I hate that woman” and continued on the second text “She’s a holy roly freak she tries to manage people and she tried to send jamie lynn away when she was pregnant” Lou Taylor was hired as Britney’s business manager by her conservator Jamie Spears, we hope he didn’t force her to work with someone she didn’t want to and hates for 11 years just because being under a conservatorship seems to have taken away every rights from her life including the one to be heard when she expresses her feelings…

If those texts are real, we wonder where did Lou Taylor try to send Jamie Lynn? maybe one of those “residential treatment home” Mercy Minisitries have for young girls who face issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addictions, depression and unplanned pregnancies .

Sam Lutfi who leaked the emails and texts was never sued . Only a caption on Britney’s instagram have denied that they are true, a caption that most of her fans believe to be written by Lou Taylor herself .