Medias are reporting everywhere about Britney Spears annual accounting ordered by the court. They focused and made headlines on her supposed 80 trips taken to Target in 2018 but according to Meaner03 court documents show that some of those reported trips couldn’t have been taken by Britney Spears who simply in another continent for her world tour when those “trips” were taken . The court document show that Britney Spears spent money in Target on August 27th and in Ralph’s on August 28th which is simply impossible. Britney Spears had a show in London on August 26th and a show in Paris on August 28th where Target and Ralph’s do not exist . Meaner03 already posted a court document last month showing that since Andrew Wallet resigned, Lou Taylor’s company Tri Star Sport & Entertainment will take over and “prepare the accounting ordered by the court” so we assume they did that one .